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Best Rooms Around

Our dog villas and suites are equipped with heating and air conditioning to ensure the comfort of your pup regardless of the temperature outside. Our rooms are spacious for any size dog, fitted with quality bedding and a host of available extras to make the stay as comfortable as possible. Our housekeeping services ensure that your dog’s sleeping area is cleaned daily.


Plenty of Exercise

Your pup will be taken on multiple outdoor bathroom breaks, and exercise time throughout the day. We also give you the option to schedule additional play and exercise time for your dog in our spacious outdoor or indoor play areas. Boarding your dog at Pet Palace will give your dog the attention and love deserved while you’re away.


Personal Attention

When you board your dog with Pet Palace, our staff will collect specific information about your pup to ensure proper care and to replicate their home environment as closely as possible. We’ll ask about: - Feeding patterns and preferences - Medical history and medications - How your dog interacts with other dogs - What makes your dog happy or upset


Quality Staff

Our staff is trained to ensure your dog receives the best possible dog boarding experience. Our boarding team will monitor your pup’s health and keep records of their stay. We provide fresh water consistently and feed your dog premium pet food. If preferred, we also allow owners to bring dog food from home in pre-measured and pre-marked baggies.

Kennel Experts



Diet Maintaince






Assistant Manager

My Name is Barbie.
I'm your dog/s surrogate mother while your dog is staying at Seabreeze Dog Resort. I give them lots of cuddles and kisses and also make sure they are well looked after. I have had many years of experience especially if your dog has a special diet, medication or other health issues your instructions will be carried out explicitly.
My passion is dogs.




What Our Client Say?

Clive and Una, Buderim Qld

" Our experiences with the SEABREEZE DOG RESORT SIHANOUKVILLE have always been extremely positive, primarily due to Jerry’s understanding of dogs. His staff, are very competent, caring and obviously enjoy their work. Our old dog always enjoyed her holidays (including one stay of 3 months ) with Jerry. His knowledge of current canine veterinary practices is impressive. We are enthusiastic in recommending Jerry to any dog owner who wishes their pet to have competent care in a safe, friendly environment. Jerry’s practical, no nonsense approach was always appreciated by us. If you are considering Jerry’s services and would like more information regarding our experiences with SEABREEZE DOG RESORT SIHANOUKVILLE, feel free to contact Jerry, who will then give you our details. "

-- Clive and Una, Buderim Qld
Alice O’Hare – Veterinarian

" As a veterinarian, everyday, I feel privileged to witness the incredible bond that so many of us humans are lucky to share with our canine companions.
The team at SEABREEZE DOG RESORT SIHANOUKVILLE appreciate this bond. Jerry and the crew know that every pet who stays with them is a precious family member.
I share my life with two slighty crazy Border Collies, who I adore. Kit is Mr Personality and Clancy is Mr Anxiety. Whenever I go away, my boys stay at the SEABREEZE DOG RESORT SIHANOUKVILLE, because I know these guys understand dogs, and will accommodate their ”special needs”. Knowing that they are safe and happy, gives me the peace of mind to enjoy my holiday. "

-- Alice O’Hare – Veterinarian
Brian & Beverley Spencer – Lake Macdonald

" Three years ago we were telling a friend how dissatisfied we were with the kennels we had been using 3 or 4 times a year, and she suggested SEABREEZE DOG RESORT SIHANOUKVILLE. After visiting the Resort, we were very impressed with the dog conditions and the management of Jerry. We were very happy to leave our two German Shepherds there and although we only have one dog now, he gets very excited whenever he goes there for his ‘holiday’.
The staff are totally committed to caring for the dogs and walking them every day. We have absolutely no hesitation in highly recommending the SEABREEZE DOG RESORT SIHANOUKVILLE to anybody who has to leave their pet in kennels for whatever reason. They will be totally looked after. "

-- Brian & Beverley Spencer – Lake Macdonald

" This is just a short note to say much we miss you in Australia. Your leaving has left a massive hole in the Queensland dog care community. I know like us, many thousands of families are now searching for a facility and carers that come anywhere near close to you.
As you know you looked after our beautiful Jarra for very many years anytime we went on holidays. She came to know your facility as her second home because she was welcomed with open arms and treated wonderfully. From the very first time we dropped her off we had complete confidence in your ability to connect with her and to engender her trust in you.
I still however laugh at the first time we dropped off our second dog ‘Mako' to you. As you remember he was a recently retired German Shepherd police dog with an unique attitude to life. At 43 kg with aggression to match, I was worried how many of your clients he would chew on. I distinctly remember nervously calling you after the first week to see how he was going. I nearly fell over when you told me he was sitting beside you in the office and was now your office dog who greeted everyone. I knew then that you were distinctly different and immeasurably better than any other trainer I had ever encountered. You had 'tamed the beast’ through love, empathy and respect. In simple terms you spoke ‘dog’ to him. That's a skill very few have.
Thank you both for the amazing care you have given our dogs over the years. We miss you greatly. "

-- Peter Flanders
Juliette Hicks, Noosa Heads

" Driving through the gates of the SEABREEZE DOG RESORT SIHANOUKVILLE for the first time we just knew that this would become Kenzie’s second home. The beautiful park-like grounds, smiling staff walking happy pooches and the friendly welcome at reception had us breathing a sigh of relief. Since then she has been a regular visitor. Kenzie just loves the opportunity to play with other dogs and always returns to us a happy and healthy pup. There is a wonderful sense of peace of mind when we leave her with Jerry and the team. "

-- Juliette Hicks, Noosa Heads